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Pedo Prince Charles and The Real King

LeBron James and Michelle Obama both made accidental faux pas when interacting with the British Royal family, such as touching them and attempting to hug the Queen, which caused a stir among the British public. However, British Lord Evelyn de …


All the files to download, the sickening betrayal of the USA by the Pedophile Satanic Elite.


Metaverse Zeitgeist Post date March 9, 2023 No Comments on THE TRUTH
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  • All Intelligence Agencies are controlled by the Rothschild’s. They use blackmail, intimidation, imprisonment, torture and murder to control the USA/UK and many other countries, to support the Apartheid State of Israel and the genocide of Palestine.

    Worldwide Politicians, Royalty, Media, …

    Stopping the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 infection and Reversing Vaccine Poisoning

    It is a little known fact that Cannabinoids can reduce the production of large molecules such as DNA, RNA, and protein, as well as lower the amount of histones expressed in genes.

    South Africa has implemented various measures to …

    The Satanic Freemasons – Prominent Pedophiles and their Protectors Past and Present

    The list contains a little over 2000 names, mostly past members. Noticably absent are the families Clinton, Bush, Soros, Cheney, Obama, Schwab & Trudeau.

    From Wikipedia:

    This is a list of notable Freemasons. Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that exists …

    The Controlled Opposition Of The CIA Part 2: David Icke

    David Icke was recruited by MI6/CIA/MOSSAD as an agent after his claim to be the Son of God. He was chosen to be part of a Psy-Op, due to his background as a former athlete and sports broadcaster. This would …

    The controlled opposition puppets of the CIA – PART 1: ALEX JONES

    The Elite are aware that the truth will eventually come out, so they have chosen to control the narrative by allowing certain people to speak out about it, while silencing others (e.g. William Cooper, John Todd, Randall N. Baer, Phil …

    Documents Prove Covid Experiment was signed by Poroshenko and Zelensky in 2018

    Good afternoon! We are live to explain the Greek law of Ukraine regarding nationalism. I understand everything about the law now – privates are burying it. Yes, I see the law.

    Ukraine has a system where prisoners are kept. It …

    The Origin Of The Corona Virus

    The United States has moved their secret laboratories to Ukraine and the Baltic States, causing alarm among experts due to the potential risk of a bacteriological threat. As a specialist, I can confidently say it is not safe. It appears …

    The Transhuman Secret of Covid19 

    In a series of Tweets, investigative Journalist Jennifer Long blows the lid off the Transhuman secret of Covid19. Transhumanism is where humans merge with machines or become entirely new species. But rather than newfound freedom, Jennifer uncovers a horrific plan …

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