Morons Guide To The Metaverse

  • viverse metaverse


    • 2D/3D Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
    • Centralised
    • Gaming PCs/Some VR headsets/ HTC VIVE/ 5G Smartphones
    • Release Date 2022
    Viverse is an XR metaverse platform that features both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The Hybrid platform connects people to an accessible virtual world where people learn, work, shop, play and socialise. In Augmented Reality, elements of the Viverse are projected into real-world environments. Viverse is a social platform with no gameplay. The platform supports NFTs, although centrally owned.
  • odyssey momentum metaverse


    • 2D/3D Virtual Reality
    • Decentralised/Open-Source
    • PC/VR Not Released Yet
    • Release Date 2022

    Momentum is a social VR decentralised open source Metaverse stack for Web3 communities. The project creates a fantasy digital multiverse where players create online 3D worlds which connect through an open network owned by the users on blockchain technology. Built on Odyssey, players form their own societies, economy and virtual social spaces in an open-source network.

  • fortnite metaverse


    • 2D/3D Virtual Reality
    • Centralised
    • Release Date 2017

    Fortnite is a multiplayer online video game and Metaverse. Fortnite comprises three game modes – Battle Royale, where 100 players fight to be the last. Save the World is a survival game where four players cooperate in fighting off zombies and Creative, where players can create and play in other users’ worlds. Fortnite’s Metaverse Concerts attract up to 45 million viewers. Fortnite is a cooperative sandbox survival game with social and creative elements.

  • rooom metaverse


    • 2D/3D Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
    • Centralised
    • Request Demo
    • Release Date 2022

    Rooom is a centralised subscription-based XR Metaverse that targets corporate businesses. You can create environments and configure avatars, participate in virtual meetings, showcase products and sell NFTs on the platform. The hybrid platform features accessibility being available on a wide range of devices.

  • creta metaverse


    • 2D/3D Virtual Reality
    • Decentralised
    • PC/Smartphone/VR Headset
    • Release Date 2022

    Creta is a VR gaming Metaverse platform that allows players to create and earn from user-generated games and NFTs. Creta aims to break down barriers between creators and gamers and has social areas where both mingle. Enjoy entertainment experiences, a marketplace and an in-game economy.

Latest Metaverse Headlines

virtual metaverse

It became one of the fastest growing sectors, and trends as a buzzword of the year. But what is the Metaverse? 

The Metaverse is the fusion of computer-enhanced environments within perceived reality. Often utilising various methods of extended reality, the Metaverse is an immersive, virtually enhanced environment populated by computer-generated graphics. The Metaverse has come to incorporate Web 3.0 ideas for decentralised ownership within metanomics (the metaverse economy). The Metaverse, we believe, is the next evolution of the internet.

metaverse origins

History and Origins of The Metaverse

The term originated in Snow Crash, a dystopian science fiction classic by Neal Stephenson in 1992, to describe the virtual world people travelled in using avatars. Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, introduced us to the concept of a Virtual Reality Metaverse, brought to the screen in 2018 by Steven Spielberg. But today’s Metaverse is far from such science fiction worlds. In many ways, the Metaverse is at its birth and consists of siloed platforms. The Metaverse will indeed arrive with interoperability when you can seamlessly navigate Metaverses across various platforms.

Virtual worlds date back as far as 1978, Multi-User Dungeon or MUD ( MUD1 to distinguish it from its replacement) developed by Roy Trubshaw and Richard Bartle at the University of Essex. Initially a TELNET game, MUD was the first game to feature talking avatars and a multi-player digital world. Often described as the forerunner to today’s Metaverse, Second Life from Phil Rosedale’s and Linden Lab’s featured a graphical virtual world, customisable avatars, and its own currency. Decentraland, the first decentralised Metaverse, came along in 2017. Utilising blockchain technology allowed actual ownership of digital assets. 

The Metaverse currently spans gaming platforms such as Fortnite and Roblox and centralised owned platforms such as Horizon Worlds and AltspaceVR. Mixed Reality platforms such as Microsoft Mesh and decentralised Metaverses such as The Sandbox, Decentraland and Voxels. You can enter the Metaverse via mobile and desktop devices and with extended reality headsets. The headsets transform you into virtual and mixed reality worlds that are highly immersive. The Metaverse, in many ways, mirrors the development of the world wide web with pioneers building a new technological world and pushing the boundaries with each product.

extended reality metaverse

Metanomics and the Metaverse Economy

Already the Metaverse has an economy where you can buy NFTs for digital assets supported by Blockchain. NFTs are non-interchangeable units of data recorded on a blockchain as a digital ledger that stores ownership. NFTs are used in trade within the Metaverse for digital creations, including art, wearables and land. Enthusiasts claim that in the future Metaverse, we will learn, work, shop, socialise and be entertained through this disruptive technology. It will impact every aspect of our lives and introduce a fusion of technology and reality. Decentralised Metaverses utilise Crypto Tokens built on Cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum and Binance blockchain. The Metaverse, in many ways, mirrors the development of the world wide web with pioneers building a new technological world and pushing the boundaries with each product.


Technology and Innovation

The fusion of extended reality and A.I. are set to become part of our everyday lives. The Metaverse is yet to be defined, it is not here yet, but the foundations are being built. Let Meta Moron take you on a journey through the Metaverse as it evolves. We provide an interactive guide where players rate and review the platforms. The Metaverses in this guide all share one feature that qualifies them as Metaverse platforms, they are all multiplayer virtual worlds where you can interact through customisable avatars and socialise. Platforms in the Metaverse Guide have been categorised by ownership, target audience, and technology attributes and are ordered by our internal Metaverse platform ranking system that uses real-time data from visitors to determine results. You can also keep up to date on News and articles on development as this new technology impacts the mainstream.

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