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About Us

What is Meta Moron?

Meta Moron is an online interactive Guide to the Metaverse. You can also find reviews, videos and curated News. We use a unique open-source Metaverse ranking system called MetaList that uses an algorithm based on visitor interaction to determine platform listing and popular or trending articles. The term “metamoron” was first used to describe an individual or organisational resistance to change in 1996 by Harvey Robbins and Michael Finley in their book “Why Change Doesn’t Work“. Meta Moron is owned and operated by ShopOvalue Ltd. The inspiration for this guide came from Dr Mark van Rijmenam book “Step into the Metaverse“. If you enjoyed this guide, please look at Ryan Schultz’s Blog, the Metaverse Games List, or market analysis from Metaversed. Content and media from this website are the result of AI and human collaboration.

Meta Moron are currently in the process of Decentralisation of ownerhip. We are seeking writers, artists, gamers, social media experts and video producers that are interested in producing Metaverse content. In return, you will receive a share of the revenue for the art and articles/videos and traffic generated and you will own part of the platform. If your interested email us at info@metamoron.io

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The website is built on WordPress with the help of these plugins and our own theme created from TwentyTwenty and hosted by Fasthosts and uses open source technology:

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