Is A. I. The Metaverses Killer App?

Whilst arguments over platform numbers continue rumours of dwindling users had already been circulating, with decentralised land falling in value. Meta is reigning back their spending pledge to the Metaverse as Corporations attempt to predict a volatile marketplace to try to work out the top ranking Metaverse platform.

For many, the Metaverse currently lacks that killer app, excel for operating systems or the eBay of the internet. A.I. may present the missing ingredient for the Metaverse. A fully interactive personal assistant with access to the accumulated knowledge of 8 Billion people. A 3 Dimension search experience that, through speech and multimedia, help interpret, guide and enlighten your search.

Interestingly search will be a far more interactive experience with A.I. needing to filter on phrases such as “almost but more like…” and “what’s the story behind this..”. Coming at a time when search results are heavily censored, an A.I.-driven search companion could be the killer app the Metaverse is crying out for.

Search will not be the only interaction with A.I. as scenes, worlds and games are created. With the exception of some designers, in many ways, the Metaverse is a recreation of today’s world rather than pushing the boundaries of the impossible. Perhaps A.I. will explore interdimensional design and art creation in immersive environments.

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