Open Source Metaverse Platforms

Open Source Metaverse platforms aim to create collaboratively. To provide a free entry point into developing and participating in the Metaverse. Open Source Metaverses utilise the same ideology as world-wide-web projects that free software is imperative to develop open, accessible and safe interoperable virtual worlds for users. The metaverse software behind some platforms is available to download from The OpenSource Metaverse Project.


  • 2D/3D Virtual Reality
  • Decentralised/Open-Source
  • PC/VR Not Released Yet
  • Release Date 2022

Momentum is a social VR decentralised open source Metaverse stack for Web3 communities. The project creates a fantasy digital multiverse where players create online 3D worlds which connect through …


  • 2D/3D Virtual Reality
  • Open-Source
  • PC/Mac/Linux/Desktop VR/Oculus Soon
  • Release Date 2019

Vircadia is an open-source Metaverse platform. Vircadia believes in a free and open Metaverse. A business and social Metaverse, Vircadia enable individuals and organisations to deploy their virtual world …

Somnium Space

  • 2D/3D Virtual Reality
  • Decentralised/Open Source
  • PC/Mac/Smartphone/Oculus, HTC Vive, HP, Valve, Windows Mixed Reality Headset
  • Release Date 2018

Somnium space is a social virtual reality Metaverse platform where you can create and explore lands and games with customisable avatars. The open-source …


  • 2D Virtual World
  • Open-Source
  • PC/Linux/Mac (Browser Based)
  • Release Date 2022

Webaverse is an open-source Metaverse made for interconnection by and for creators. Built on a multiplatform XR custom game engine that leads the field in interoperability, user-generated content, AI-generated, and …


  • 2D/3D Virtual Reality
  • Decentralised/Open Source
  • PC/Mac No Native Headset for VR
  • Release Date 2017

The first social decentralised Metaverse is owned by its users. Decentraland introduced decentralisation of ownership of Land within its platform, an early adopter of Web …


  • Augmented Reality/3D Virtual Reality
  • Centralised
  • Oculus/HTC Vive/Google Cardboard/VR Headsets
  • Release Date 2008

OpenSpace3D is a free-to-use XR open-source platform that allows 3D artists, designers and enthusiasts to build AR and VR virtual spaces without knowing software development. Create and design …