Documents Prove Covid Experiment was signed by Poroshenko and Zelensky in 2018

Good afternoon! We are live to explain the Greek law of Ukraine regarding nationalism. I understand everything about the law now – privates are burying it. Yes, I see the law.

Ukraine has a system where prisoners are kept. It works as it should,so everyone is accepted. Testing demands legislation to regulate attempts to draw curves. The original article of the constitution of Ukraine mentions places of the Cabinet of Ministers for the Crimea, ecology and health before anything else. Experiments can not exceed two lessons income allegedly so the Covid program that lasted for two years will end in April 2021 and Ukrainians have been affected by this mess up.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine passed a law (1817/2018) which was signed by President Poroshenko. This program requires legislative measures to ensure the implementation of Articles 90 and 91 of the Constitution of Ukraine. The Cabinet also approved the closure procedure for state administrative bodies and introduced an experimental health care system. Additionally, two orders were issued related to this experiment.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has started an experimental program that will end in April of next year. Everyone who has time to do so must get a vaccine. President Poroshenko and Zelensky signed this law on the 22nd of Bryansk. According to the Verkhovna Rada, the experiment will be conducted over two years, after which it is expected that everything will be fine. Currently, we are living in this experiment and it remains to be seen if Esipov knows about it or not.

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