Horizon Worlds as an alternative for AltspaceVR Players

Horizon Worlds is now a viable alternative to the soon to close AltspaceVR thanks to Meta’s recent moves and announcement. Meta has addressed both age issues and World compatibility with Unity. Horizon Worlds will open to younger players aged 13 to 17 this March. The company aims to reach 500,000 monthly active users and a 20 per cent retention rate by improving the service’s reliability and performance, getting rid of bugs, and introducing 20 new experiences from third-party studios. Additionally, a web version of the experience is planned to be released by June, with the goal of having 150,000 monthly cross-screen Horizon users.

Horizon Worlds has filled a void left in social VR networks by opening up to teenagers and bringing diversity, creativity, and imagination to the Metaverse. Meta provides a social platform focusing on fun, creativity, and learning for all ages, allowing users to explore, create, and collaborate in a virtual world. Horizon Worlds offers several of the same features as AltspaceVR, including the ability to customize avatars and create rooms, allowing users to connect with friends worldwide. Additionally, the service provides experiences such as guided meditation, language courses, mindfulness activities, and more.

Horizon Worlds’ is now compatible with Unity. This world-renowned game engine is used to create thousands of consistent and high-quality games, which will attract high-quality Metaverse platform developers to the Horizon. By making Horizon Worlds compatible with Unity, Meta aims to expand its reach and make the experience more accessible to users who may not have the hardware or technical knowledge required to access the service. Additionally, with the ability to access content from Unity’s extensive library of games, users will have access to a much larger selection of immersive experiences. Finally, Meta is also planning to introduce new tools for game developers, allowing them to use Unity’s assets and libraries in the Metaverse in order to create new and interesting ways for users to interact and explore the virtual world. With these tools, developers will be able to create custom experiences for Horizon Worlds that are tailored for the Metaverse and its users.

Horizon Worlds provides a unique platform for virtual reality, allowing users to access and interact with a variety of different experiences. With the added compatibility with Unity, Horizon Worlds will have access to a plethora of content. Additionally, with the addition of tools specifically tailored for game developers, Metaverse creators will be able to develop custom experiences that take advantage of the Metaverse’s unique features and capabilities. By offering a unique platform, Horizon Worlds can become a viable alternative to AltspaceVR for those looking for a social VR network.

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Well thank you from Denmark 😢 First you close Venues for Horizons but until now we can still not use it in Denmark. Our next alternative to social interactions, parties etc Altspace is now also closing. What’s the deal?

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