Manchester City to recreate the Etihad in the Metaverse

Manchester City is building the world’s first virtual football stadium in the Metaverse with VR experts Sony subsidiary Hawk-Eye according to inews. The Premier League Champions have signed a three-year deal to recreate the Etihad in virtual reality. It is hoped fans will be able to watch matches in the virtual stadium within the metaverse. Plans and ideas also include lounges where fans can meet and mingle with players and digital assets that can only be purchased virtually.

“The whole point we could imagine of having a metaverse is you can recreate a game, you could watch the game live, you’re part of the action in a different way through different angles and you can fill the stadium as much as you want because it’s unlimited, it’s completely virtual,” 

“I think the traditional image of someone sitting on a sofa, watching a screen, is something we cannot imagine is going still be the reality not even in 10 years, maybe in five years’ time already. Things move much faster than we think. For many fans the first contact with football is actually through Fifa – that’s a video game experience. Then they actually enjoy it and then come to the real game. We need to be very open-minded about the opportunity this gives for the future fans.”

Nuria Tarre, City Football Group

The metaverse could transform the broadcasting rights of football with individual clubs selling tickets as events within Metaverse platforms. Football matches could be streamed into virtual environments with fans having multiple views within a computer-generated stadium.

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