Nike Roblox Metaverse Store Already a Success

Five months ago Nike opened its first Metaverse store Nikeland in Roblox to great aplomb. Since then, Nike claim to had nearly seven million visitors. The news goes to ease doubts that professionally designed metaverse worlds attract huge audiences. Until now, primarily popular Metaverses have been events that pull in big crowds, notary music venues, and DJs have hosted events for millions of people on the Metaverse. But this new data shows the ability of stores and brands to attract visitors. Nikeland visitor numbers were boosted by tie-ins with NBA events.

“During NBA All-Star Week, LeBron James visited Nikeland on Roblox to inspire its community towards physical movement in play.”

Jack Donahoe CEO of Nike

Nikeland, the leisurewear and sports brand’s Metaverse presence has attracted nearly 7 million users from 224 countries since its launch in November, according to The Drum. The digital world allows avatars to try on virtual products, buy NFTs as well as play games such as Dodgeball.

“With Nike Virtual Studios, our vision is to take our best-in-class experiences in digital and build web3 products and experiences to scale this community so that Nike and our members can create, share and benefit together. ”

Jack Donahoe

Nikeland builds Nike’s Metaverse strategy following their creation of Nike Virtual Studios and the brand’s buyout of NFT agency RTFKT in December last year. Nike is an early mover in the Metaverse, establishing its own world and virtual studio. By positioning itself early in the Metaverse the brand both keeps itself relevant and future proof for a virtual age. By moving first Nike now has a virtual advantage over competitors, and this is a digital lead they don’t intend to lose.

“We’re pleased by the positive momentum and energy we’re already seeing in the space and we’re excited by the future as we continue to extend our digital leadership in the industry, ”

Jack Donahoe

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