Pedo Prince Charles and The Real King

LeBron James and Michelle Obama both made accidental faux pas when interacting with the British Royal family, such as touching them and attempting to hug the Queen, which caused a stir among the British public. However, British Lord Evelyn de Rothschild deliberately violated protocol by making an aggressive and disrespectful “finger-jab” to Prince Charles’s chest, demonstrating his dominance over the British Empire.

Never mind that Prince Charles is wealthier than Evelyn Rothschild, but the Rothschilds were known as guardians of the Vatican treasure and are papal masonic knights of Rome. Jacob Rothschild is a mere Knight Bachelor of the British Empire which is the lowest rank in the British honors system. The Rothschilds were brought to power by the Jesuit Order. Prince Charles and the Queen serve the Jesuits as well Queen Elizabeth is a Dame of the Golden Fleece and a Dame of St. John.


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