The Controlled Opposition Of The CIA Part 2: David Icke

David Icke was recruited by MI6/CIA/MOSSAD as an agent after his claim to be the Son of God. He was chosen to be part of a Psy-Op, due to his background as a former athlete and sports broadcaster. This would help boost Icke’s fame/infamy while also allowing them to use him as a tool.

People such as David Icke and Alex Jones, who have significant insider knowledge, provide great information but it is also mixed with misdirection, manipulation and loaded facts.

Icke led a series of interviews about SARS-COV-2 that were deliberately scripted to misinform the public on the virus and its effects falsely claiming its non existence.

Icke’s website installs Google Trackers and is a honeypot for people awakening. Every member of his forum is used to create a MI6 watchlist, and they are instantly banned by his moderators when not following Icke’s twisted narrative.

This is an actual quote from his “forum” – THIS FORUM HAS NEVER BEEN A FREE SPEECH FORUM AND IT NEVER WILL BE.

Icke’s main role for his handlers is to lead a new age spirituality movement exemplified by the Zeitgeist movement and to discredit and deny the existence of Jesus Christ. Along with friend and satanist the late Jordan Maxwell he is an expert at spreading fear and misinformation. In his latest book that came from a reddit thread he even tries to even spread fear of death.

Zen Gardner, an associate of David Icke, was identified as the leader of the infamous pedophile cult known as The Children of GOD, The Family and The Family International. It is believed that this cult has been engaging in child abuse and has recently been fleeing from South American countries.

Although Icke claims to be a researcher and exposer of pedophilia, he was a colleague of notorious abuser Jimmy Savile in the 1980s but neglected to alert authorities.

Jamie Icke, his son, responded with personal attacks when asked for comment on the matter which suggests he had attempted to deflect from it. Additionally, it is thought that access to archived material belonging to David Icke was blocked as part of an effort to conceal Zen Gardner’s confession about spending 27 years in this notorious cult.

Icke’s last words of truth came when appearing on the Wogan show. Since then, he has woven a web of half-truths and manipulation designed to spread fear without offering any hope.

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