The controlled opposition puppets of the CIA – PART 1: ALEX JONES

The Elite are aware that the truth will eventually come out, so they have chosen to control the narrative by allowing certain people to speak out about it, while silencing others (e.g. William Cooper, John Todd, Randall N. Baer, Phil Schneider) by killing or jailing them.

Bill Hicks was recruited by the CIA to become a figure of opposition to mainstream media. Under the alias of Alex Jones, he was given information by his handlers to create a movement that revealed only some of the truth about the One World Government’s activities.

His main job is to steer people away from the Mossad pedophile ring in Washington DC, and instead to focus on the ‘Masons’ and ‘Illuminati’, as well as other ‘conspiracy theories’, such as 911 and so on. The original Alex Jones disappeared in late 1996, after he made the statement that ‘Michelle Obama was a man’.

The CIA work for Mossad they do not work for the American People. Alex Jones provides a role of deflecting the genocide of the Palestinians and control of the American Government by Mossad. The CIA also use Jones to distract from the real power behind the US government, the Zionist Bankers, such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

Anyone who watched the Kanye West/Ye interview will remember the Amber Alert from Alex’s controllers when Israel and the Banking Elite were mentioned.

alex jones - bill hicks

The Alex Jones show is not about freedom and exposing government secrets, it is about controlling people’s minds. The original Alex Jones had the vital information to wake people up, but was replaced by a CIA agent, Bill Hicks, in late 1996.

The CIA knew full well that people were beginning to ‘wake up,’ and so they created a ‘voice’ for them to turn to after they realized that they were being fed lies and propaganda.  Alex Jones was being provided a sufficient amount of information to ‘entertain’ the awakening masses, and have them believe that Jones had all of the answers.  This is why he persistently interrupts and talks over callers and other guests; in order to give the ‘false impression’ that he knows all and he is a reliable source of information.

The real reason as to why Alex Jones, or shall we say, Bill Hicks, retracted his comments about Michelle Obama, was because, while his job is to create a government opposition, there are only certain ‘truths’ that they will permit him to share.  What the CIA allows him to share is only enough to uphold the controlled and paid ‘government opposition’.

Most people in the ‘Media’, are NOT who they claim to be.  The One World Government deception is in full swing, and most people who ‘oppose’ the government are unaware that they are being sucked into a CIA operation that was set into motion in or around 1996.

The original Alex Jones is unknown and there are various theories about what happened to him. It is clear that he was replaced by Agent Bill Hicks, a comedian turned actor, who acts as a false hope in a “reality show”.

The US government has a long history of using deception and propaganda to control and manipulate the public. Alex Jones’ involvement in this is just another example. Bill Hicks was chosen by the CIA to replace the first Alex Jones, likely to control his narrative and make it easier for people to believe what he said.

This false narrative has been successful in creating a false sense of hope and distracting from real problems our society faces. To counter this, we should take responsibility for educating ourselves with accurate information so we can make informed decisions about our world.

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