The Metaverse can damage your Mental Health

A recent report claims the Metaverse can cause “schizotypal personality traits”, “delusions”, and “hallucinations.” The report states that the Metaverse harms your psychological and overall health and warns this news will hamper growth worldwide. In the past extended reality has been used in treating mental health, but this report casts doubts on the safety of the Metaverse. Here’s the extract.

The Metaverse has a negative impact on an individual’s psychological and overall health, which will hamper the market’s growth across the globe. Metaverse offers virtual reality as a real-life event that will retard mental health in the long term. It will also affect the psychology of an individual. It may initiate delusions or hallucinations events for the users, which reduces the adoption of Metaverse at a high pace in various regions and hinders the market growth. Due to excessive virtual reality use, it will also cause Schizotypal personality traits, including impulsive nonconformity, unusual experiences, and cognitive disorganization. Such factors will impede the growth of the metaverse market across the globe.


The hallucinatory side effects of virtual reality were first reported in Parkinson’s patients but attributed to Neurodegeneration. The reports claim that hallucinations are an occurrence with Metaverse usage bears an uncanny similarity to fiction. Jaron Lanier’s 1992 movie The Lawnmower Man explored the dangers of simulation technology. The Metaverse is designed to be as close to reality as possible. What we experience in virtual worlds may seem subconsciously like a real-life event. How our brains decode virtual, augmented and mixed reality platforms, and the long-term effects of Metaverse exposure are new research fields.

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