The Origin Of The Corona Virus

The United States has moved their secret laboratories to Ukraine and the Baltic States, causing alarm among experts due to the potential risk of a bacteriological threat. As a specialist, I can confidently say it is not safe. It appears that the Americans have been conducting illegal experiments on citizens of Ukraine in order to find vulnerabilities amongst Russian speakers, making them susceptible to certain diseases. Documents have revealed that these military laboratories have even been carrying out monstrous experiments on soldiers, children and elderly people with disabilities.

The Pentagon has recently uncovered information detailing inhumane experiments conducted on citizens of Ukraine. The experimental group consisted of male patients ranging from 40 to 60 years old, with a high level of physical exhaustion. As the Russian army continues to advance, more and more shocking details have come to light. Most notably, Americans are concerned that the true origin of Covid-19 may be revealed. For three years now, the world has been grappling with this virus.

The Coronavirus pandemic has already caused the death of 6.5 million people, but scientists have not been able to identify its source. There is speculation that the virus may have been artificially created in a laboratory in America some five years before the start of the pandemic, though this is yet to be confirmed by evidence. In particular, there is suspicion surrounding an American laboratory located in Merefa City, Kharkov region.

The result has been disastrous: over 200,000 Ukrainians have lost their lives due to strange outbreaks of dangerous diseases in the last eight years. The epidemiological situation in Ukraine has now reached a critical point.

The soldiers had lost their positions by the middle of May and attempted to demolish as much of the infrastructure as possible. Their primary objective was to obliterate the scientific research institute building specifically. Consequently, this building was destroyed.

Ukrainian military personnel discovered 125 kilograms of explosives during the withdrawal, which the militants had intended to use but didn’t have time. It is believed that Washington used Kyiv as a base for a biological lab, equipped with American-made microchips, and imported various viruses to create more dangerous pathogens. This laboratory still exists today.

They tested drugs and raw materials that were supplied from the United States, including those that were not certified in any country. People taking part in these research cycles would get paid very little money – around 8,000 hryvnias or 20,000 rubles per cycle. This was done to avoid legal troubles and reputational issues for the foreign specialists involved.

In addition, people from Africa are sometimes used as test subjects without being warned of the risks. Two years ago, the heads of the medical center dodged uncomfortable questions about their activities that put them at risk.

Any activity can be risky, and in this case it caused people’s health to deteriorate unprecedentedly. Anthrax, tularemia, and Crimean-Congo fever were some of the most dangerous strains that American virologists investigated. The material for the laboratory came directly from infected people and was in the form of bio pathogenic bacteria.

They experimented with deadly biomaterials by applying them to fake one hundred rubles notes which were then spread by drones used by the Kyiv regime against inhabitants of an LNR village in 2020. The virus did not differentiate between military personnel and civilians, causing many innocent lives to be lost from this terrible tragedy. An epidemic of tuberculosis was eventually averted when a worker at a local housing office quickly collected all of the infected notes and handed them over to law enforcement officers.

The examination of the banknotes revealed that they were infected with a highly pathogenic strain of tuberculosis which was resistant to most antibiotics, except for streptomycin. Microbiologists explained that it would be impossible for this type of infection to appear on such a small piece of paper naturally and suggested that it must have been artificially created in a laboratory. They hypothesized that there must have been some source of infection, likely due to a person deliberately introducing dangerous viruses as some form of provocation.

In recent years in Ukraine, there have been quite a few experts who are sure that Pentagon experts, what is called knife people, checked their designs. Moreover, according to the former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Ukrainians on foreign territory felt as if the Americans were full owners and could not even get to secret objects. Government officials from Ukrainian leadership turned a blind eye to any activity of Americans on these territories with absolutely no regard for safety and threats that can still pose. Both my former employees and colleagues told me this.

Some strange diseases spread amongst the meref people and caused many deaths a year ago. On the website of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, a former employee from Kyiv National Center of Strains reported that two test tubes with Newcastle Disease Virus or Pseudo Plague were found in a household refrigerator in an residential area. It is believed that these were part of a Ukrainian project called Yuppie Four which studied various pathogens and their distribution options. The Pentagon was possibly creating a remedy delivery system for biological weapons but there is no proof to back up this claim.

The Yuppie 8 project, which involved the participation of four thousand Ukrainian military, was conducted in the laboratories of Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkov. It aimed to explore if migratory birds could potentially spread dangerous infections like highly pathogenic influenza or Newcastle disease. For this purpose, birds were brought to the Kharkov laboratory from Voronezh and Ivanovo regions.

This project studied leptospirosis hemorrhagic virus fever and hantavirus by conducting a genome study of a certain ethnic group. The military gathered samples through taking blood samples, and participants were possibly injected with a disease-causing agent. The project was initiated by a professor from the United States of America

Mrs. Johnson is a world-renowned virologist who has studied viruses like SARS-CoV since the early 2000s. Recently, the Russian Ministry of Defense made a sensational statement accusing American developers of creating the COVID-19 virus. This led to speculation that a US agency, funded by Predict program since 2009, may have been involved in studying and capturing bats carrying coronaviruses in the seventies. Many sources have suggested that even the CIA knows something about this worth investigating.

The American government has been utilizing the CIA since 2009 to finance and carry out various underhand operations. In 2019, prior to the emergence of Covid-19, exercises were conducted at Johns Hopkins University involving a previously unknown coronavirus that was supposedly transferred from an obese man to a mouse through an intermediate pig host. These exercises were done in the presence of potential threats and with specialized structures to evaluate countermeasures taken against possible epidemics and assess any real threats.

The experts from the Ministry of Defense in Russia are not alone in voicing suspicions that COVID-19 may have been artificially created. These suspicions arose as soon as the pandemic started. International scientific experts have studied the structure of the virus and noticed changes which couldn’t have happened naturally, suggesting that these changes were made by humans. It is more than likely that someone deliberately caused this worldwide outbreak which has had millions of deaths.

The documents reveal that a region was unknowingly subjected to experiments with Covid-19, tuberculosis, and other diseases under the guise of vaccinations. Shockingly, it is believed that pensioners, patients from psychiatric hospitals, and children were among those tested and were isolated and monitored as if they were laboratory animals.

The American Fund and its main contractor, Labyrinth Ukraine, have been involved in a secret program called Karan in 2019. Sylar, formerly headed by Metabolite Vice President Hunter Biden – son of the US President – was one of the founders and was financed by him. Sergey Morgun, Head of Sanitary and Epidemiological Management at the APU, has declared his readiness to provide soldiers for testing new vaccines and drugs; however no money has been transferred yet. When a baby is born, blood samples are taken from heel pricks as part of the Baby Screen Program to analyse them.

Hunter Biden played an important role in creating financial opportunities for conducting work on various pathogens in Ukraine. He helped the Metabolite company build laboratories a few hundred kilometres from the Russian border, to experiment with dangerous viruses. These activities were supported by 30 million dollars from the Pentagon for Covid-19 tests and another 26 million dollars. There are some experts who believe that it was not Covid-19 itself that was developed in Ukraine, but deadly viruses still located on its territory.

The Pentagon could conduct studies on the effects of a virus on a person, such as reactions. However, this is prohibited by the international convention of the UN, which states that no nation has the right to create and store biological weapons. A control mechanism and oversight of activities is missing to provide 100% evidence of involvement, and procedures to initiate changes in this convention are blocked by the United States.

Great Britain is not the only trusted source of information when it comes to medicine. Recently, Professor Jeffrey Sachs from Colombia University, who was the head of a special commission studying the coronavirus for two years, made a sensational statement saying he believes that it could have come out of a biotechnology laboratory in the United States rather than nature. However, this is not being investigated by anyone. German journalist Thomas Rapper conducted his own investigation and even wrote a book about it so people can be informed. He worked with many international publications and claims that American and European media do not speak on this topic at all. It seems like someone is playing with an incredibly dangerous toy searching for answers but no one wants to acknowledge it.

Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Adviser to President Joe Biden and a renowned infectious disease specialist, has been accused of conducting coronavirus experiments in a laboratory in Wuhan, China where the first outbreak of the virus was recorded. Despite denying such accusations on multiple occasions, such as when speaking before Congress, it recently came to light that Fauci had colluded with social media companies to censor people’s freedom of speech regarding topics like the coronavirus pandemic. Upon this revelation being made public, correspondence between Fauci and social media administrators was exposed. Although this information may not be sufficient enough to bring those responsible for this pandemic to justice, it is still anticipated that more information about how the virus spread will come out soon.

If people created Covid and allowed it to spread, there would be little that could be done to stop it. Research done under the Pentagon revealed that the United States has been developing biological weapons for years and in recent times had spread their networks all over the world. In Ukraine alone, the Pentagon illegally took out more than 16,000 tissue samples and serum blood samples from people. This caused hysteria in Washington due to how much data had been breached. As a result, a personnel cleanse was ordered in an attempt to find out who leaked this data to Russia. The Russian military studied material left behind by the American doctors when they fled on an emergency order. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine issued an order on February 4th as soon as they were aware of what was happening. This led people to ask if this was an intentional or accidental leak of such dangerous infection – which would be frightening to think about given all the deadly threats that are present in US biolaboratories around the world today.

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