The Rise of Corporate Metaverse Solutions

Choosing a Metaverse may seem challenging for businesses. However, if you determine your objectives, the type of platform you select for your presence becomes easier. With a wide range of Metaverses, we look at some of the solutions on offer.

For popularity, many brands and celebrities have teamed up with Metaverse Gaming Platforms. Roblox plays host to Paris Hilton and Nikeland, which attracted 7 million people in the first five months. There have also been celebrity hookups with Fortnite, including massively successful concerts. 

For Metaverse investment, decentralised Metaverses have played host to businesses and influencers, notably Snoop Dogg teaming up with The Sandbox, whilst Decentraland has attracted brands such as Samsung and Adidas. This year, however, has seen the rise of bespoke corporate Metaverse solutions and custom spaces for brands and enterprises.

Metahero Gateway

Meetaverse offers a browser-based solution aimed at corporate clients and allows the creation of corporate spaces. Demodern builds bespoke Metaverse showrooms and events. Rooom offers a subscription-based XR Metaverse where businesses can create and customise professional environments. Metahero provides a gateway to the Metaverse. Their high-quality scanning technology renders realistic 3D objects and makes avatars for Metaverse social interaction, gaming, and online fashion. Meanwhile, fortune 500 companies are the target of the VR Metaverse platform Engage.

With many companies are now entering the Metaverse. The choice of business platform has never been wider. Centralised and gaming platforms offer popularity and accessible gateways, decentralised offer ownership, open-source offering collaboration and bespoke for custom-built solutions.

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