The Transhuman Secret of Covid19 

In a series of Tweets, investigative Journalist Jennifer Long blows the lid off the Transhuman secret of Covid19. Transhumanism is where humans merge with machines or become entirely new species. But rather than newfound freedom, Jennifer uncovers a horrific plan to create a techno slave generation and proves the Covid19 vaccinations were a Bio Weapon that alters DNA.

Jennifer provides evidence that the mRNA vaccinations contain self replicating modified DNA and presents a risk to even the unvaccinated. Critics of the transhuman movement have raised concerns about the potential risks posed by advancing technologies.

The transhuman movement is rooted in ideas from thinkers such as Julien Offray de La Mettrie, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, and FM Esfandiary and has been popularised by figures such as Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey. It involves using technology to extend human capabilities and lifespan and has sparked debates among scientists, ethicists, philosophers, theologians and others. But at its heart it is a Luciferian belief in directed evolution.

The transhuman movement advocates for the exploration of technologies such as triple helix DNA. The Covid19 Vaccine is described by Dr Robert O Young as the mark of the beast who found the genetic footprint of God within our DNA. Transhumanism is used to create designer babies or enable unethical genetic engineering. The self spreading vaccines altering the human dna code into a triple helix was recently celebrated by Royal Family of the UK.

Each alphabet letter in the human DNA strand reveals an important scientific and spiritual message for each of us to know and understand. When the DNA alphabetic language is translated to the atomic mass of the Periodic Elemental Table YOU receive a spiritual message from GOD!

Dr Robert O Young
transhuman cyborg

The instigators of Covid 19 vaccinations plan lead a future where the population are a microchipped and mind controlled. A future led under a satanic elite race of demons.

My brain literally wants to shut down right now. I am trying to move forward on this. This is so disheartening

Jennifer Long

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