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  • All Intelligence Agencies are controlled by the Rothschild’s. They use blackmail, intimidation, imprisonment, torture and murder to control the USA/UK and many other countries, to support the Apartheid State of Israel and the genocide of Palestine.

    Worldwide Politicians, Royalty, Media, Hollywood, Police, Freemasons, Some Military and the Catholic Church including many denominations are all compromised.

    Mossad continues to be active in global events through assassination, espionage, cyber-warfare and other means. Its actions are often shrouded in secrecy and there corruption and influence poisons every aspect of our existence.

    They use the pretext of the holocaust and accusations of anti-Semitism to shut down any debate or exposure. Make no mistake these Zionists consider us Goy, as subhuman and dispensable.

    This is a cult of Godless Luciferian Pedophiles and dates back to Biblical times. They care not even for other Jewish that are not in the cult. This is now a fight for our very existence.

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