Victoria’s Secret prepares to launch in the Metaverse

Victoria’s Secret, an American lingerie and beauty company known for its prominent marketing, is the latest brand to position itself for Metaverse ranking. Michael Kondoudis, a patent lawyer, said via Twitter that Victoria’s Secret had developed four digital collections and media using blockchain technology and online clothing and media for use in the virtual world.

Victoria’s Secret is coming to the Metaverse! New trademark applications filed on February 8 indicate @VictoriasSecret plans to offer digital collectables and media created with blockchain tech and online clothing and media for use in virtual environments.

Michael Kondoudis on Twitter

The patent documents filed contain plans for downloadable virtual goods, computer programs for the creation and trade of digital collectables using blockchain-based consensus protocols and smart contracts. These will feature information, photos, images, videos, recorded footage in the field of fashion, clothing, fashion accessories, and style. Virtual goods, namely clothing, undergarments footwear, headwear, eyewear, bags, fashion accessories, photos, images, videos, and recorded footage for use in virtual environments and virtual fashion shows.

Victoria’s Secret moves follow brands such as Gucci, Nike, Adidas and H&M who have all made forays into the Metaverse. The move by the brand could see the return of Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show that was axed in 2019 in a virtual form.

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