WEF Agenda to Control the Metaverse

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has launched a “Defining and Building the Metaverse” initiative to develop and share strategies for creating and governing the Metaverse. In parallel with creating a centralised totalitarian world authority in real life, they seek to extend their agenda to the virtual world.

The WEF is a key think-tank and meeting place for global capitalists, led by professor Klaus Schwab. COVID-19 has enabled the WEF to push for a “Great Reset” to institute techno-feudalism and transfer wealth from the majority to the few. The WEF had over 130 trustees involved in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the rollout worldwide of toxic and lethal gene therapy promoted as vaccinations. Any resistance resulted in unprecedented internet censorship, ridicule, character assassination, and propaganda from fact-checkers and mainstream media that search engines promoted above the truth, with a few independent journalists, Drs and Scientists speaking out.

The Great Reset is a plan to introduce the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an automation of traditional manufacturing, industrial and business practices using modern smart technology and artificial intelligence. This will lead to large-scale unemployment, creating a ‘useless class’ separated from an ever-more-powerful elite. In its most extreme form, proponents of the Fourth Industrial Revolution believe in the end of the present human race and the birth of a transhumant race in a fusion of physical, digital, and biological worlds.

The WEF has been pushing an agenda that serves the interests of its wealthy members rather than those of ordinary people. With the launch of its Metaverse initiative, the WEF intend to use its influence, resources, and platform to further this agenda in cyberspace. Already, we are beginning to see moves by the WEF to shape the Metaverse in a way that could benefit a select few. For example, WEF plans to create ‘gated’ areas of the Metaverse that would be exclusive to corporate interests and inaccessible to ordinary users. This could further entrench existing wealth and power dynamics in cyberspace, barring ordinary people from participating.

The WEF has released a list of proposed principles for governing the Metaverse, which does not address some of the more systemic issues with the Metaverse, such as data privacy and security. The WEF is also proposing that the Metaverse should be centrally governed, and shortly after publication, Interpol was introduced to the Metaverse.

Big Tech has been looking at the Metaverse since the launch of Second Life. As far back as 2007 a clutch of Blue Chip Companies suddenly entered the virtual world. The inner workings of the global surveillance industry caused a stir among Second Life’s original inhabitants, who feared the arrival of big business leading to more regulation and the loss of their beloved Metaverse platform.

The WEF plan for the Metaverse has severe implications for virtual world users, as control and access are concentrated in the hands of a few. Even more worrying is the potential for the WEF to use their influence to shape the Metaverse in a way that would benefit its interests and those of its members. It is, therefore, essential that any plans for the Metaverse are created and implemented with input from all stakeholders, including ordinary users, to ensure that the Metaverse is an open platform for everyone.

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